Experts in lens design for nearly 40 years, we have invested in nanotechnology and fully automated high-tech production tools, resulting in technological advances that allow us to design ever more innovative geometries, combining visual performance and ease of use.

DRL Night Lenses are

Orthokeratology lenses designed and manufactured in France by Precilens. Benefiting from a unique and patented design, these orthokeratology lenses have a Double Reservoir of Tears (DRL®), making them unique compared to conventional orthokeratology lenses. Safe and painless, these special lenses have a high permeability material, allowing good eye oxygenation during the night.

Furthermore, this type of lens, and more particularly the DRL® design, allows better centring and smoother movements of the lens on the eye, as well as increased comfort and an acceleration in the speed of treatment, which would otherwise not be possible compared to classic orthokeratology lenses.

To date, DRL® night lenses are recognized as the leading brand of orthokeratology lenses in France. Indeed, this range of contact lenses is the widest range recognized and approved to treat myopia (up to -7.00 D for myopia).

Experts in Presbyopia.

In 1984, Precilens invented the world’s first progressive soft lens. This invention, a milestone in the history of contact lenses, was followed by numerous advances in developing ever more innovative designs.

Soft or gas-permeable, to be worn during the day or overnight (orthokeratology), Precilens's lenses for presbyopes are considered benchmarks in the industry and can meet all needs.

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